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NEW! Dual control driving for FIAT PANDA 2012 (Published on 03/10/2013)

NEW from S.E.A.D.A. The dual control driving for the new FIAT PANDA 2012.

SAME sectioned transmission (Published on 02/11/2012)

Sectioned transmission and gearbox. Black, chrome and gold are the new colors chosen by S.E.A.D.A. to highlight the mechanics of its sectioned parts for exhibition.

This  article is robotized so that public can see and test mechanical parts in motion. Mechanical parts are controlled with the original vehicle manual commands. Normally the constant speed is maintained as such until the brake is used that disable constant speed returning control to the accelerator pedal or throttle joystick.
If you have a constant speed set and you are using the accelerator pedal or joystick, speed increases in proportion to the use of these two and if they are released, return to the value of the constant speed setting. If the brake is used, as mentioned above, the constant speed resets.